• Oh Tannebaum!!

    O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum,
    How loyal are your leaves.
    You start not only in the summer,
    No, even in winter when it snows.
    O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum,
    How green are your leaves!
    O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum,
    You can really liked me!
    How often has been the winter time
    A tree from you me excited!
    O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum,
    You can really liked me!

    O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum,
    Your dress wants to teach me was:
    The hope and resistance
    Courage and strength at any time!
    O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum,
    Your dress wants to teach me something.


  • A new life thanks to fine linen

    Once I have my home the last few weeks and months, rebuilt piece by piece, restored or created, was now the turn of my bedroom. Of course, the bed is of enormous importance, but many people forget the matching bedding. Since you can make as few mistakes as I had to find. Had previously always so inexpensive stuff that a) was not soft and b) has given up even more quickly to mind. I have therefore this year, as it were decided my Christmas present to myself, for high quality weiße bettwäsche. You feel the difference immediately, soft and supple. The first night I slept in the new white linen like a log, where you really should say more koala bear. The sleep that is up to 20 hours a day. Longer than do sloths. Did not even get up in the morning. Just like every morning. To the new bedding I have also granted the same to have the right bed sheets. If anything, because already. For very fine fabrics I have to say. I assume, so it feels. I can therefore only recommend anyone to pay attention to even the little things in the bedroom. A bed with no linens or is like a Porsche, huh .... you just think of something. Since then, I sleep better at large, I feel rested and fit again, like a koala bear. I am sure that my bed would be exchanged for their tree, if they could. They can not. Bad luck or that's life, or even stupid, if you do not is at the top of the evolutionary stage. Now I wish you a restful sleep! Bye!

  • a blue swimmingpool...

    I know, that thing looks in the photo as a blue coffee cup or so. But it is not. Is a blue swimming pool filled with water to inflate, no mercury, because it reflects so beautifully. Although I'm pretty tired, I continue to write. This thing has a capacity of half the Atlantic. 'm Finally jumped clean and could not dive as deep as I wanted, I previously assumed the air. According to the manufacturer of the pool has a depth comparable to the Mariana Trench, ie approximately 11,000 meters. Believe me confess reefs and a whale. Or a shark. In any case, I've looked at a large online shop already for a suitable deep-water submersible. Is not there unfortunately. I just own craft one in my barn, which I'm going down soon. I write about it then of course here. Where else bye! :)

  • own thing..

    The last days were the painters there. The entire bedroom was completely renovated, papered, painted, just all you can possibly imagine. For this reason, I had found out all the furniture and other stuff already. Was thus easier to work safely. Finally, I used the same situation for me and I jumped at the chance to "build" a new bed. As you can see it consists of cross beams and solid feet. I have the necessary materials of construction worker colleagues, and at times is something from somewhere around and is no longer needed. The framework consists of an old bed frame, had worked out fine. Unfortunately, this is there only a prototype, so I could see how it will look for some. Will everything still assembled great and so on and so forth. Can not decide only in color or texture. A little contrast would be good, right? This Absperrdings, which blocks the view, should remain there. Power is very handy when times are guests there. Now I need tips, advice, anything. Help me to continue what colors should I use? Smooth or rough surface? Is supposed to invite to sleep comfortably. The right bedding I've already bought it, of course, is white. The only incidentally. You could possibly grow a kind of stairs at the lower end so that it represents a kind of throne on which you must first climb. What do you think of the idea? Not so much? What the hell, the bed has to be done ....:)

  • A fireplace for the winter ...

    What is now writing a fireplace? Crinkle crinkle crinkle? Never poke the fingers that are up to 1000 degrees Celsius and then crisp up quickly for daily use no longer really use. Now I leave my thoughts again already. Pretty stupid, because I have so far hardly anything written. Blub. In any case, always something nice to look at and the heat is probably too wide to more pleasant than on the central heating. In addition, a fireplace is indeed sooo romantic, especially just in the winter. To the appropriate security blanket for two ... and then I run out of ideas. That reminds me, it would certainly be very well ensure that the deduction is open, otherwise you can spell faster than you smoke sausage smoked sausage backwards. That would certainly hurt the romantic atmosphere significantly. Since I have no idea what different types of fireplaces are available for home use or how to install these, I would suggest that you yourselves trying to find out. Thank you. Pyromaniac is to buy a fireplace room, but out of it. That would be as if we were to set a completely mentally unstable elephants, with a preference for stones in a glass house. Or something like that. What is the best burning in a fireplace? I do not know. Wood? Have fun with afforestation. My gut tells me that I have in the word count here reaches a certain critical mass. This has to do with readability and usability of course, what else Bye and till next time, hopefully!

  • How about taking a floor heating system?

    Today it's time for something more exciting, right, an underfloor heating! Looks half-finished out with cooler than ground cover, but that's another topic. It is well known that many people suffer from cold feet, especially in winter, and especially the women. What there would be better, gets as a dwelling in which one no more cold feet? My answer now is not even. Certainly it's still quite nice and you can possibly avoid one or the other cold. Not because cold feet or cold body parts generally lead directly to colds, but is weakened by the cold because the immune system. It is therefore indirectly by disease. Right? I would like a underfloor heating, and in any case. Because I was so excited about the fact that I write here about underfloor heating, can barely think straight, I'm even more uninspired. How hot you can adjust the floor, I can not tell you, unfortunately, but certainly not too hot, otherwise one melts away the shoe sole. I have to somehow think of my bird, who once stood on the hot stove and is wobbled back and forth. From one foot to the other. Instead of flying away. Think because the small Gehirnchen SOMETHING was overwhelmed by the situation. Well tried such a floor heating system a try again. Bye!

  • Finally done, the laminate flooring

    Here you can see it very nicely in the photo. Can be properly laid open, not to say more. The perfection of her none. Was expensive enough, but do not talk about money. At least not in Central Europe. It was worth it that you see so well at first sight, if not, off to the optometrist. I write here again total gibberish as it seems to me, but that does not matter. Worse than a reality show on RTL II, it can not be. Back to the subject. Laminate. Toll. Great thing. If I should not have mentioned, this stuff is really great. Noble than, uh, now I do not think of what I wanted to write. Does not matter. What's better than a laminate floor at home in their own homes, in their own homes? I can think of but so few things but that's not even here. Because it comes through again, sometimes short off-topic, I'm the only "blogger" who found it funny to write about laminate flooring? Even if they are totally great, if I still should not have mentioned. It does not matter. The material is made of wood? I really do not know. Now leave me, unfortunately my train of thought, which means I end this article now again. Enough, too, huh? Uh, bye until the next exciting article ... wait that reminds me, it has lasted about 4 days to interpret the soil. Only for the bus with the people. Bye!

  • new plant for my living room

    What you write now? "Is not she beautiful?" Something? I'm concerned. Is not she beautiful? Joooo! Your name, ie genus, species which I unfortunately do not. To look for it as something I feel too strenuous. In any case, it is now the focal point in the room, in addition to the Schnabelviech background. What is it you do not need to ask, I do not nähmlich. I write it intentionally with h, because the article is intended stupid. 90% of you will probably not be noticed anyway ... does nothing. Are evening schools. Indoor plants are, however, important for body and soul, you would not have thought, right? Green is calming to the nervous system. Therefore, a plant should always be in the work space, for distractions. In addition, indoor plants produce oxygen by carbon dioxide along with other things, eg Use water to produce carbohydrates. This oxygen is obtained as a "waste product" from. Practically. Unfortunately, most plants turn this principle at night "to" and produce less carbon dioxide than oxygen. All a bit hard to explain. Who now can count up 1 and 1 know, not good! There are some who use the rhythm of this vice versa. These are then practically for the bedroom. Just FYI, according to NASA (yes, the authority which sent until recently even space shuttles into space ..) 6-7 plants for a 30m ² rooms are optimal in terms of oxygen production and purification of the air of toxins. They also bring moisture into the room, good heating in winter because of dry air. Do they look great too. Wow. I can not think of anything more: On re-reading and see you soon!

  • less is more

    The cultivation area was completely empty so far. Before. Still had a chair in the store and I thought, why not decorate the room. Then also once had to take a picture of it, the light was very low, so there was such a great shadow, as you can see. Must think it over, special when and how I want to set up this cultivation. Its function is not yet fixed. Maybe I could rent it, rent a room or something. I must visit. In any case, I find that I have succeeded very well a little bit of life in these cold room to bring. Or a quiet oasis make it. To relax. There are so many possibilities. I do not want to use for living space, because unfortunately he has, so far, no passing, one should always Rauss, around the outside and then clean. Inconvenient. What do you say? 're Looking forward to the suggestions. What would you want to make it out of the room? Ideas? Send them! Bye!

  • something new...

    This time it's a new couch in my living room. Have the extra color is selected such that it allows a contrast, eg through the small living room table or even the wall color. This looks very much like that given out simply to be missed, but without the expensive feel. This is a warm color and makes the room cozy by. Has also fitted perfectly into the rear corner and makes the room because, unlike the old couch, appear larger. A look at the TV has now become a lot better, we must not turn his head Sun Look at yourself:

    The images are still exchanged, come from the distant past. Any suggestions? Tips? Tricks? Thank you! Soon a few green plants come into the room, so that the eye is somewhat protected and it still looks reassuring. For this purpose but as I said later in the coming days more ... I'm out until next time! Bye!

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